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tv   Action News 1130 PM  ABC  April 19, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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phillies lost 7 of last 8 games off tomorrow. still to come in sports. can a local kid save day for union that much more when we
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>> just like phillies union off to slow start with only one win in last eight patch matches union mopping worst teams in the league right now nls. ouch. union looking to kick into gear against new england.
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d.j. sapong praying with broken cheek bone. avoiding header there. doesn't want that near his face. just misses shot at the goal as well. later in the first half 40 second minute christian madonna scores. union takes the lead. but it falls apart in second. philly native john mccarthy gives up two goals including this in 76 minutes. union lose 2-1 only two neemz league fewer points. pga tour, born in west chester ended five year drought. get in the hole. got drapes brdy to beat kevin kissner first fwhxt last 100 farts. fourik one major win in 2003. hopefully this win here will get him going in the right direction. lot of golf to be played this sgln thanks, disbelieve it was a drag race only key quest do this weekend.
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eye land's great conk republic drag race. they dressed in loads of makeup and raised each other along duval street named the main drag. female i imperson nateers were jojed on speed and hite of heels. getting places quickly in high heels can be khevringing to say the least. >> we'll be rights back with much hor "action news" stick around
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surprised night here's what's happening "action news" 11:30. an emotional day in oak oing city as family and friends remembered loved ones lost in federal bombing building 0 years ago today. >> dramatic scene caught on police officer dashcam and why officer that made the rescue had seconds to spare. >> and drill freem camden arrives home after big success at an international competition. >> but first investigators in delaware trying to piece together what led to shooting on campus of delaware state university that left three people injured. shooting happened late last
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night during a school sponsored cookout. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has more from dover. >> after saturday night shooting three people transported to the hospital we're now told none were students here at the university. >> gunfire and chaos erupted on campus of delaware state university during sanctioned student greek cookout event on campus after 8 p.m. saturday night. >> running, fear of getting trampled it was horrific he excellent three people were shot and transported to kent general hospital the university said. party goers took to social media so show the moments after and students we spoke to that did watt want to be identified said numerous fights broke out. >> it was too much commotion i heard gun shots and you heard everyone runing. the violent weekend did not end there. after 1 a.m. sunday shots rang
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thought nearby apartment complex a short distance from previous hoot shooting. complex houses students who say someone fired a gun in the air. no one was injured. neighbors across the street were startled. >> i heard shots 1:15 in the morning across the street and there was a lot of people i've never seen that many people. >> university police department is handling investigation. and have a description of suspect for sundays morning shooting. and there's no arrests or suspect in the triple shooting and students say people not associated with the school are the ones who started trouble. >> it saddens me because students at delaware state university we know how to conduct ourselves properly but when you bring other people outside of the university and they don't know our core values and they don't know how we operate it become a problem. >> we're told all three people cents to the hospital have non-life-threatening injuries and university tells us after
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each shooting they sent out campus wide alerts. dover, delaware, "channel 6 action news." >> philadelphia police officially charm add i woman accused in hit-and-run that severed a woman's leg. precious richardson coleman is charged with two counts after texted murder and behind bars on 750,000 bail. investigators say she mowed down bee pristine deedeespence in the tioga-nicetown section. it was a dispute over emotions of man -- affections of a man. they left dinner burning on the stove, causing their home to catch fire. >> bucks county police are investigating a collision that resulted in death of pedestrian. it happened before 2:30 this afternoon 4300 block of route 313 and plumstead. the pedestrian was crossing the street in the westbound lanes and stepped right into the path ever a pickup truck the victim was 59-year-old than doylestown
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and not yet oyvrd this is heavy traveled roadway tough to walk across. >> and the church near st. joe's prep people came out to honor ryan gilyard. he is a freshman and collapsed during training practice and could not be revived. >> 37,000 runsers will take part in the tomorrow's boston marathon second running since bombing that killed three spectators. 25 runners at the finish line when the bombs went offer were treated to pasta dibber. team 4 15 formed last year when marathoners were admitted free into the race. there's no word of anything but the sentencing phase for dzhokhar tsarnaev begins on sdmrus it was a show of strength and solidarity today in oklahoma
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city 0 years after what was once the deadliest attack open u.s. soil a ceremony took place honor the ving tilz of the bombing. the ving the -- >> a68 empty seats and seconds of silence. avoid even time -- a void even time can't fill. >> my baby [ crying ]. >> 20 years after the bombing in oak of course city hundreds gathered at the home or equal to honor survivors and victims losting in what was the naiing nation's deadly terror attack before 9/11. each of those chairs filled with nrouzers teddy bears and memories. >> our grandfather david, jack walker. >> in a tradition the country knows all too well, family members read each name out cloud. >> our dad mickey b. maroni.
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>> museum is but oaf the spot timothy mcvay dopdz his tank. >> two decades later those wounds are hearing. >> you have inspired us with power of your renewal and reminded us we should all liver by the oklahoma standard. that spirit on display in the so-called miracle babies kids at the daycare septemberer that day and made it out. now, all grown up, and refusing to dwell on the past. >> appreciate every day you know? know it's a policing to be here. >> car ling ski "abc news" oklahoma city. >> moving ton amazing video from squad car dashcam in new jersey as two officers on board rushed to save a drive friday car crash the officers race to the scene
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in moorestowny after receiving 911 call. they found the car mripd over and driver still trapped into the front seevt crumb pled vehicle. they use aid knife to cut the seatbelt dragged her to safety and 24 seconds later the car burst into flames. the victim was hospitalized and is expected to be okay. those two officers are now hailed as heroes. >> the search continues tonight for hundreds of migrants lost for sea in cap sizing of something youler's boat. they searched in the waters off libya and only 28 survivors and 24 bodies found by night fall. >> claiming 950 people on the boat and 300 of them locked in the hold. italy government has afeemd to european union looked action and growing migrant crisis. >> in philadelphia the millions of people he victimized during the nazi haul caught is being remembered. hall owe cost.
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>> a single have a shrine played in background as some of the names of the marters were ready. this is second anniversary the freedom of the nazi death claims in word war. >> coloring the night in purple for a good cause. they'll here dressed in purple to call attention to pancreatic cancer and those that fought with valor against the disease. those that set up tonight are fight ingt for more research that can be done. >> a church served catholics through some of the biggest changes in philadelphia history celebrate aid milestone today. celebrating 125th anniversary today. st. philip noory was founded on queen street in 18 40. it was first prechurch in philadelphia at a time when
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parishioners paid to rent space and pews. and survived the south work riots 1824 right outside its doors. [ cheers ] members of a & p cole or guard team of camden got a warm welcome as they burned to winter guard international competition in ohio and won sixth place out of 72 from all over u.s. and canada. this crew practices and doesn't have much money to work with. their captain sthez color and they have a whole lot of heart. >> we did the best we could do and workeding buts off on that floor for six months and they all really showed and paid off. >> although many pebz are just fourteen they set out and beat older and more experienced teams. >> job well done. okay. bobby brown three months after his daughter was found
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unconscious. >> this is not back friday why all these women stood in long lines today just to get into target. cecily. >> i'm tracking long lines of rain moving our way. tomorrow morning, don't for the the umbrella and by afternoon and evening i'm trying to track potential for stormy weather. all the details comeling up in the 7 day forecast when "action
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>> seeing bands of light rain moving in just really initial
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leading edge of the showers and allentown right now light rain. quakertown, doylestown and trenton. there's heavier rain south west and that will be moving through during the overnight hours. temperatures right now very close tots ocean temperature. ocean temperature 46. we have easterly flow. 49 in philadelphia. reading 50. millville 50. wilmington 49. temperatures running close steady overnight. certainly a lot colder now than 24 hours ago. saturday it really felt like summer. philadelphia cooler than this time yesterday. wilmington 17 cooler. double scan live showing you the system i'm tracking and it's coming in in pieces. first is warm fronts. what will bring us soaking rain for morning commute and get a break in action. this will not be all day rain but cold front tomorrow night sweepdz through and this cold front is producing severe weather and tornado watches in effect. i don't think we'll see
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tornadoes here. it weakens by the time it gets here and it has ability to row produce severe weather. morning is rain and wind. bus stop forecast showing heavy rain windy conditions, 50 by 8:00 quorum being up to 56. future track areer showing heaviest rain in the morning. 7:30. you can see the oranges yellow, red, those are very torrential down powers and that is come placating morning commute and local by the time we wake up it lifts up north and east and by about 5:00 we'll see a good amount of sunshine. problem though is this is ahead of the cold fronts. when you get the sunshine and warm air ahead of cold front that adds fuel and this could bring a line of storms between 6 and 10:00 pushing off coast tomorrow might. rainfall we're being looking at gully washer.
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1 to 2" of rain. much immediateed rain. rainfall this month is running about an inch and a half below normal this is agood thing it will cause problems for your morning commute and tomorrow evening severe storm prediction center put our region in slight chance of severe weather. what this means any thunderstorm could contain gusty winds and small hail. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast beautiful monday that's for sure and heavy rain and tuesday gorgeous though, sunshine breezy, warm 70. we step it down to 65 degrees on wednesday with increasing clouds. thursday mostly cloudy and cool. few showers possible. big story is temperature down to 59. friday despite mostly sunny skies high r57 and next weekend looks dry and chilly. saturday mostly sunny 59, sunday mixture of clouds and sun and rain to the south with high of
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60. so really a good idea to tune into david murphy beginning 4:30 in the morning. by then heavy rain in the region. >> gully watcher. >> yes. >> it's a great word. >> thank you cecily. >> singer bobby brown says his daughter bobby christina is awake. it came in an announcement at a crowd in dallas. he said his daughter is watching him although he did not he lab white he meant by that. bobby christina was found unresponsive in a bathtub january 1 and since moved to undisclose the location after being release the last month. to be clear his comments have not been confirmed by medical officials. >> it was a mad rush at target stores across the country today by customers who wanted to get their hands on the new lilly pulitzer collection. people lined up to grab the limited addition items this morning and many stores sold out
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of dresses, housewares and shoes within the first few minute of opening. customers who tried to buy open line didn't fair better. items sold out there quickly as well. at one point wept off-line to try to deal with all the web terrific
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>> chip kelly appears to be throwing darts along the walls. hop fully he's more accurate than tebow. worst quarterback since coming into league 2010. eagles' coach tellry says so what. whether you like it or not eagles plan to assign tim tebow
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to one year deal. sources confirm with "action news" tonight with additional tebow they have three of five worst quarterbacks over the last five seasons with sam bradford and mark sanchez on that list as well. that's why ron gentleman war are ski tells us tonight he's surprised by this move. >> he has not played meaningful down since week 17 of 2012 season so he's out of football for a long period of time. and i think it's just hard to turn open a faucet and say okay i'll play quarterback again and ready for nfl. i have great respect for team wanting to come to philadelphia and play for chip kelly and unique style of offense. but this will have a head scratch. i don't see how it works. >> it's hard to imagine how it will work. we're less than 2 weeks into the baseball station and they've one only one road game. worst start in 30 years. phillies go down to finale.
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in washington. national score, not starting since last august. phils didn't get a single hit or base runner until the 5th. they dropped 7 of last eight games. >> tough stretch for phillies off tomorrow and start game series with marlins tuesday. let's got back to you at the news sglevk "fyi philly" is next on channel 6. agency news tomorrow morning continues with david murphy karen rogers tamala edwards. >> for the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, have a great night, everyone. >> good
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and i'm melissa magee. saturday/tonight on fyi >> artisan jewelers abound. >> we'll take you to a place that's reinventing a college student dining staple. >> and show you what happens when you plop a butcher shop in the middle of a restaurant. >> we taste some sweet treats that are vegan too. >> and custom made suits >> the secret is in the stitch. >> hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at william street common. >> it's a new beer garden restaurant in university city. >> but unlike most beer gardens, this one is completely indoors. >> so no matter what the weather outside, it's always cozy in here. >> located at 39th and chestnut street, william


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